2015. Is this the year for when TSHTF?

I started this blog as a way to keep an online journal of thoughts and ponderings upon the journey along the year 2012 to 2020.

It’s not intended to be anything more than a place where many issues can be discussed, often about stuff that won’t be found elsewhere, and indeed is not in my mind at this time to make of it anything popular or highly visited, however, one can never rule out such a thing could happen with some of the stuff I plan (loosely) to write about down here.

As a way to introduce one of the many topics I plan to write about, allow me to explain why I chose the name Truthseeking2015 for this blog. This journey started even without me noticing, many years ago when I was a child, and I often had the sensation that I was in this world as a sort of obligation, meaning that I was not comfortable being here, and probably was sent here to accomplish something. I cannot find any other way to explain the feelings that I had, even at age 5, and that only now I can rationalize properly.

Since I remember, stuff like UFOs and ET have drawn my attention, and I saw my very first UFO (a cigar shaped metalic object) while in a day trip with the family. We all saw it, so it was not my imagination. Through the years I have seen some other UFOs, and in my mind, there has always been the complete certainess that we (humans) are not, and have never been alone in the universe.

By year 2004, around June, I was passing through what I thought to be a depression, but was only a deep dissapointment with everything that I was witnessing in the world. One day, while I was searching the web idly, trying to find something that I did not know what it was, just that I had to find it, I came across some messages, allegedly written by a person that received them from a community of “non terrestrials” living on Earth since centuries ago. The moment I started reading those words, I knew that they were exactly what I was looking for, and I shed tears of happyness and a profound feeling of homecoming. It was an amazing relief to my sort of depressive state.

Some days later, I got in contact with the person who put those messages online. Through the years we have developped a close virtual friendship, without ever have met “in the flesh”.

Since those days in 2004, and because I had been exposed to the idea since the nineties, given that my father had told me many times what was in his mind and the reasons he had to move to a rather small city in our country, I have been feeling and experiencing a clear conciousness that we were living in “special times”. At some point I felt that it might correspond to “the end of the world”, later I became aware that it was more of “the end of the world as we know it” and up to 2011, I held a strong impression that the mayan calendar was pointing to the 12/21 date as a terminal point.

During all these years, my exchange of information with the “friend of the ET messages” led me to believe that the 2012 was important, and perhaps pivotal for the events to occur. Later I found that I was mistaken, as the informatiom my friend provided me, althought always confirmed that we were on a special time, never stated any date of 2012 as terminal or catastrophic, althought it said it was important for a time of increase in the rate of changes. I assume that if anyone is reading this page, is perfectly aware of what changes I am refering to.

What happened in 2011 is that I found out that my virtual friend had written, in 2000, that the 2012 year was only a moment of intesification of Earth changes, and that the chances for catastrophic, terminal, worldwide unsurmountable events, were only related to an astronomic threat: a big heavenly body that might strike Earth, or pass really close. The ET commnunity living in Earth centuries ago, had told my friend that this heavenly body (which they don’t name or classify other than “heavenly body”) is hard to view even with their technology, and hard to plot an accurate trajectory, hence, their calculations, that had changed then from mid 2014 to the beginning of 2015, but that they also said that the object could arrive later, up to 2020. In any instance, they say that no one living in the surface of Earth could survive to this event.

Then, there it is. We as mankind might be facing the more great challenge of all time. The ET friends say that they are not here to avoid the event. I suspect that they are here to watch what we do about. So far, the outcome seems not good. I think that if we face this as an organized collaborative collective, we can survive. The years to come until this object hit us, are the years in which we, as mankind, will seal our own fate. The irony is that we can survive, if we join and collaborate as a whole and one to achiev this. Will we? That’s what we are here to find.


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